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                  Henan civil aviation food co., LTD

                  In order to further expand the business scale of the company and enhance the value of enterprise resources, henan civil aviation food co., ltd. is now planning to open the lease of the intended cooperation matters of the production workshop on the first floor (hereinafter referred to as project 1) and bonded warehouse on the second floor (hereinafter referred to as project 2) in the catering building of the old factory building for the society. The specific matters are hereby announced as follows:

                  I. company profile

                  Henan civil aviation food co., LTD. Is a modern joint-stock enterprise under henan airport group co., LTD., which integrates the production, distribution, scientific research and comprehensive services of airline meals.It mainly deals in aviation food, high-speed rail fast food, all kinds of western cakes, tex-mex burgers, ground high-end fast food, group food, etc.High quality service, exquisite food, by the community's wide praise and praise.

                  Ii. Project overview

                  Project 1 and project 2 are located in the old factory yard of henan civil aviation food co., LTD., at the intersection of the freight road and the second road of xinzheng international airport in zhengzhou, henan province.

                  Iii. Project introduction

                  (I) item 1

                  The production workshop on the first floor of the catering building
                  It was completed in 2009
                  Construction area 2600.41 ㎡
                  Complete plant facilities,
                  Have access to nearby water supply, heating,
                  Power supply, sewage discharge, communication and other conditions.

                  (ii) item 2

                  The bonded area of 2000 ㎡,
                  With the standard configuration function of bonded warehouse,
                  To meet the needs of various types of bonded warehousing services.

                  Perfect rules and regulations, fire control facilities and monitoring equipment

                  Bonded warehouse advantage geographical advantage

                  Henan civil aviation food co., LTD bonded warehouse project is located in zhengzhou xinzheng international airport, close to the airport highway and airport freight company.Based on land ports and air ports, relying on railway freight lines, expressways and national and provincial highways with strong interconnection, an efficient and efficient multimodal land and air freight transport system has been formed.The convenient transportation network has built a bridge connecting two-thirds of the country's economically developed regions with the rest of the world.

                  Iv. Contact information

                  New henan civil aviation food co., LTD. Market center at the intersection of freight road and yungang road, xinzheng international airport, zhengzhou, henan province
                  Contact number: market center office: 0371-58519132
                  Mr. Cong: 18638119668
                  Ms. Liu: 18103839766