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                  The organic pork in the mountain of “Shanjian Mountain” flies to the sky – passengers on Zhengzhou outbound flights will

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                  Xixia shanjian mountain aquaculture co., ltd. officially became the strategic partner of henan airline food co., ltd. on July 12, 2018, to provide more high-quality, delicious and nutritious food services for everyone hand in hand.


                  Xixia county shanjiashan farming co., LTD., mainly in the forest raising organic black pig, organic firewood chicken, eggs.The breeding base is located at the foot of the peak in xixia county, the hinterland of funiu mountain, 800 li away. It is known as "green kingdom", "natural medicine storehouse" and "natural oxygen bar".

                  Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the business philosophy of "organic cultivation and sales", relying on the natural resource advantages of funiu mountain, green mountains and rivers, mountain fruits and herbs, and the product philosophy of "good pasture and good meat quality" to produce the unique organic food in this region.

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                  The company registered capital of 5 million yuan, has invested more than 10 million yuan, built 15,000 square meters of breeding base.There are more than 3000 square meters of standardized breeding pen, 800 square meters of feed storage, 1000 square meters of pregnancy house, 600 square meters of nursery house, 1000 square meters of reserve female pig house, and 150,000 mu of grazing forest land.Have animal husbandry experts, professional breeding more than 20 technical personnel.It has been awarded the honorary titles of "standardized breeding demonstration farm", "organic agricultural product" origin certification, "breeding base of fine breed pig" and so on.

                  ? natural breeding environment

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                  Nutrition, green, organic

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                  Black pigs are raised in natural hybrid forests, which are fed by natural medicinal materials and raw materials in the mountain forests, including acorns, hickory nuts, wild kiwi, mountain Onions, mountain leeks, dogwood, hawthorn, blood ginseng, schisandra, dates, Chinese wolfberry and so on.Is the black pork lean meat rate is high, the nutrition is rich essential place.This is also our company has been looking for high nutrition green organic food.

                  Long cycle organic farming mode

                  There are some differences between the breeding methods and ordinary black pigs. Shanjian organic black pigs adopt the alpine forest free-range breeding method, with independent breeding, strong disease resistance and wide range of free-range breeding activities, so as to ensure the healthy weight of black pigs and reduce the occurrence of diseases.Growth cycle of more than 18 months, weight control in 100-120 kg, whole life in "eat Chinese herbal medicine, wild fruit, drink mineral water, oxygen bar" good natural environment, approximate wild.

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                  The company is equipped with an organic planting base. Organic corn, sweet potato, carrot and other organic grains and vegetables are used as auxiliary ingredients of organic black pig without any chemical additives to ensure the safety of meat.After the pig is slaughtered, discharge acid to reach 12 hours above, such pork just can be more safe, more healthy, natural and organic, meat-mellow flavour is strong.Let a person look back decades ago to eat the taste of pork, fat and not greasy, full of incense, aftertaste endless feeling.Diners won the trust and praise!

                  Shanjian mountain organic black pig is very honest, fat and healthy. It is a traditional excellent black hair breeding pig from mountainous area, and combines the ancient wild boar from deep mountain.It not only inherits the medicinal value of wild boar, but also has the taste of domestic pig.

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                  It has been more than three years since henan hangshi held a press conference on organic catering on April 2, 2015. Under the leadership of cheng guiming, chairman and general manager of henan hangshi, we have traveled thousands of miles, conducted field visits, gained in-depth understanding and strictly selected products.Always adhere to the organic concept, to provide safe and assured, high quality, high nutrition meals.