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                  Henan Civil Aviation Food Co., Ltd. Bonded Warehouse invites cooperation

                  TIME:2018-07-01 14:54:19 Pageviews:
                  Henan civil aviation food co., ltd. was approved by zhengzhou customs after the establishment of bonded warehouse, is now to provide bonded warehousing services for the community, sincerely invite cooperation.

                  Introduction to bonded warehouse

                  Henan civil aviation food co., LTD., a phase of the factory building covers an area of 13.5 mu, the building is 8000 ㎡, facilities complete, can avoid repeated construction of the production workshop, saving the cost of capital, the bonded area of 2000 ㎡, with bonded warehouse standard configuration function, can satisfy the need of multi-type bonded warehousing service.


                  Bonded warehouse advantage

                  Henan civil aviation food co., LTD bonded warehouse project is located in zhengzhou xinzheng international airport, close to the airport highway and airport freight company.Based on land ports and air ports, relying on railway freight lines, expressways and national and provincial highways with strong interconnection, an efficient and efficient multimodal land and air freight transport system has been formed.The convenient transportation network has built a bridge connecting two-thirds of the country's economically developed regions with the rest of the world.


                  Air freight
                  At present, there are 18 cargo airlines operating in zhengzhou airport, 34 cargo routes have been opened, and 36 points of all-cargo aircraft have been opened, including 25 international and 11 domestic ones.There are 32 passenger airlines with 137 routes, including 115 domestic routes and 22 international and regional routes.There are 81 cities open to passenger traffic, including 18 international regions.A route network covering the whole country and southeast Asia has been basically formed.Zhengzhou airport has been the fastest growing airport in China for several years.

                  The railway

                  We will fully integrate the resources of high-speed railways, fast railways, ordinary railways, intercity rails and local railways, realize the rational allocation of railway network resources, and form a railway network transportation system with coordinated point-line capacity, fast and powerful transport capacity.


                  Land transportation

                  The total mileage of henan expressway is far ahead in China. The bonded warehouse project of henan civil aviation food co., ltd. is close to the airport expressway, and the products can be radiated to the whole country in the shortest time with the help of the highway network extending in all directions.

                  Brief introduction of henan airline food



                  Henan civil aviation food co., ltd. is a modern joint-stock enterprise under henan airport group co., LTD., which integrates airline food production, distribution, scientific research and comprehensive services. Founded in 1998, it has developed into a national well-known airline food production enterprise with an area of 52.5 mu, total assets of 250 million yuan and more than 350 employees.On April 2, 2015, our company officially launched the organic airline food, which is the first of its kind in the industry in China and has greatly improved the company's product image and brand value.