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                  On Three Harmonies

                  Man and nature and: harmony between man and nature

                  People and nature live in harmony and cannot be greedily demanded from nature. Otherwise, self-sufficiency is the arrival of self-destruction. In order to meet the high yield and high yield, the excessive fertilizer has overwhelmed the earth and the groundwater source. The toxicity of pesticides not only makes it And its own magical hormones continue to create magic, but also to the body itself.

                  People and society and

                  Human beings are all members of society. The sincere and friendly social environment is vital to the health of each member. We provide each other with food, mutual dependence, and symbiosis. If each other provides fake health food to each other because of their own desires, so that they form mutual poison and no trust, why do we survive? Only with respect to each other, respect, I am everyone, only someone is my harmony.

                  Man and self

                  The internal cause of all things is the main cause, to make people and nature and society harmonious. The first thing is that everyone must be strict with self-discipline, restrain selfish desires, cultivate self-cultivation, indifferent to fame and fortune, quiet mind, and inner peace. Clearing up the thoughts of nature, the greed of society, replaced by responsibility, respect, dedication, natural harmony, social harmony, and return to self-harmony, this way of health, harmony of all things, Daxia Avenue, true a beautiful realm

                  Organic food

                  • Pollution-free original land

                    Originating from the original soil in the middle of the original hills, the soil is pure, zero pollution, zero residue

                  • From nature

                    Use high-quality provenance, do not use genetic modification, follow natural laws and ecological principles

                  • Natural growth

                    Organic manure and deep groundwater provide pure and nutritious nutrients, and never use hormones for ripening.

                  • Pest Control

                    Strictly adopt the biological control measures in the organic standard guidance catalogue, combined with physical means such as insect-proof board, trap light, temperature difference killing, no chemical residue, safe and secure