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                  Henan Civil Aviation Food Co., Ltd.

                  Company Profile

                  Henan Civil Aviation Food Co., Ltd. is a modern joint-stock enterprise integrating production, distribution, scientific research and comprehensive services of Henan Airport Group Co., Ltd.. It was established in 1998 and has grown to have an area of 52.5 mu with a total asset of 2.5. 100 million yuan, more than 350 employees of the country's well-known air food production enterprises. On April 2, 2015, our company officially launched an organic meal, which was the first in the domestic industry and effectively enhanced the company's product image and brand value. Henan Civil Aviation Food Co., Ltd. mainly deals in aviation food, high-speed rail fast food

                  corporate philosophy

                  Henan Civil Aviation Food Co., Ltd. has developed an organic road of “safety, peace of mind, nutritious health, delicious taste, high-end taste, convenient and fast”, adhering to the “human and nature, people and society, and people and self”. The "three harmony" concept adheres to the business tenet of "serving the people wholeheartedly", always taking the needs of consumers as the fundamental purpose of production, and taking the health of consumers as the development direction of products. As an advocate of organic meals, Henan Air Food leads the trend of healthy, green and sustainable organic meals, and offers a beautiful air diet for travelers!

                  Enterprise honor

                  Our company has won the 6th National Baking Technology Competition (National Vocational Skills Competition) "Shunnan Stuffing Cup" National Moon Cake Technical Competition Henan Division Selection Group Gold Award, Provincial Department of Commerce Typical Statistical Survey Enterprise, 3rd Aviation Food Catering The exhibition's excellent booth award, the third aviation gourmet cooking trophy group silver award, the third aviation gourmet cooking trophy first class meal silver award, the third aviation gourmet cooking competition first class meal copper award, The 3rd Aviation Gourmet Cooking Awards Economy Class Food Gold Award, the 3rd Aviation Gourmet.

                  service advantage

                  People and nature live in harmony and cannot be greedily demanded from nature. Otherwise, self-sufficiency is the arrival of self-destruction. In order to meet the high yield and high yield, the excessive fertilizer has overwhelmed the earth and the groundwater source. The toxicity of pesticides not only makes it And its own magical hormones continue to create magic, but also to the body itself. Human beings are all members of society. The sincere and friendly social environment is vital to the health of each member. We provide each other with food, mutual dependence, and symbiosis. If each other provides fake health food to each other because of their own desires.